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Is the only quality spa in Ao Nang

the Boossabakorn

is the only conveniently located quality spa

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Is the only quality spa in Ao Nang that is conveniently located. The only other spa of comparable quality is the one at the Centara Resort, Ao Nang′s only 5 stars Resort.

To reach the Centara requires either a stiff high over the peninsula or a boat ride, making the spa there inconvenient unless you are there. So, the Boossabakorn is the only conveniently-located quality spa in Ao Nang.

Customers Say



“ This place one of memorable exprerince of my life i had there, me and my family they are a lot of choice for that you can pick. I took four element massage for 2 hrs. My husband went for Thai massage for 1.5 hr. After the massage we all feel relaxing.”

palmiiii ˗ TripAdvisor

“My husband and I booked a boossabakorn 'secret package for 2.30 hrs . They offer free transfer in Aonang Area ,very good service from A -Z . They are super professional , the therapist know what they are doing .staff were friendly .”

Ruchy1218 ˗ Singapore

“Excellent staff & service. We each had a 3 hrs massage. Our 11 yrs old and 16 yrs old also had the sessions. Facility is beautiful and clean. Upscale compared to other facilities. I fell asleep . They staff are very nice and skilled.”

Arif K ˗ Costa Rica